"Easy on your ears; heavy on your heart."


An American Hip-Hop
Artist Out of West Texas

Fifth aka The Fifth Estate is an eclectic, hip-hop artist infused with the stylings and teaching of the world we live in. He currently calls El Paso, TX home. Born with an understanding of social disparity and a love for the arts, Fifth delivers sentiments and sounds indicative of a realistic world; something you can reach out and feel. He's a strange cat - a mixture of introverted and unfiltered; philosopher and buffoon. He makes music that he wants to hear.

Stuck in the 90’s

The 2019 Run

March 1st
ISSA CELEBRATION: Black Excellence on Display
Menlo Park, CA
April 5th
La Parada
El Paso, TX
Sit Back and Watch

The Fifth Estate – Soul (We Got) ft. Irie Lee

The Gram