"What a wonderful life I've lived through..."


An American Hip-Hop
Artist Out of West Texas

Fifth is a man on a mission for Hip Hop. Fueled by limitless energy and passion for his craft, his goal is to shine light on the culture so that he can create a new experience for every listener. He does this by combining the everyday struggles with the joys of life for everyday people. His sound is grounded in truth so that his music not only stirs the soul, but also elicits change. Fifth creates music to feel with, music to see with, but more importantly, he creates music to help us survive life with.

How (Eye) Feel

The Road

March 1st
ISSA CELEBRATION: Black Excellence on Display
Menlo Park, CA
April 5th
La Parada
El Paso, TX
June 14th
Just for Just Fest
El Paso, TX
Sit Back and Watch

Fifth – “victimize” | Dir. by Paul Guzman

The Gram